Cameron Street, Alexandria VA Preschool

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We established our first preschool on the East Coast of USA, in Lorton VA, in 1999 and a few years later, encouraged by the warm feedback of our children and their parents, we opened our second location in Del Ray of Alexandria VA. Very soon our preschools became well-known among the best preschools and daycares in the area.

And now we are so excited to announce our big news! The third location of The Nest Academy is NOW OPEN AND ENROLLING on Cameron Street in Old Town, Alexandria VA this March 2021!

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Our success is based on many factors, and among them are:

Note from Juliette Bensouda, the founder of the Nest Academy Preschool:

Welcome to the Nest Academy Preschool, where young-aged students learn to develop a mindset for a successful future.

We provide a tremendous educational experience for students through an engaging academic program coupled with proven teaching techniques, founded on the basis of our philosophy that carries the belief in positive pedagogy combined with positive discipline.

This model helps young children develop by its five care elements:

  • Positive emotions
  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Meaning
  • Accomplishment

Positive pedagogy teaches skills that help with dealing with stress, building strong relationships, improving confidence, and developing balanced thinking along with a healthy lifestyle. By acquiring these skills, children gain tools to become successful, both in their academic and personal lives.

You can count on quality, character- building content from The Nest Academy perspective.

We simply boost potential for learning.

Because of The Nest Academy’s track record of success, extensive research and development process, you can trust us to help your children achieve their full potential.

What you can expect from The Nest Academy program

Proven Approach

We help your child master learning materials through the unique combination of our spiral approach and cross-subject integration, all built on a time-tested traditional approach to education.

Reading Comprehension 

We Teach reading in six simple phonics steps, then develop our students’ reading and comprehension skills, year after year. After students learn to read, we open the doors to reading to learn.

Problem-solving skills

We Challenge our students to use their abstract thinking skills as our program presents them with solvable problems at their appropriate level of development.

High-level thinking

We develop higher-level thinking abilities, starting with the foundation of teaching facts. We Then continue past that viral first step as we teach students to go beyond memorization and basic understanding. Thought-provoking questions will assist them to apply what they know and develop critical analysis and problem-solving skills based on their age-appropriate level.

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