Welcome to The Nest Academy Learning Preschool!

We believe that children of all ages need to play and learn in a welcoming and engaging environment. Our preschool/daycare centers in Alexandria VA and Lorton VA pay attention to every single detail of the work space arrangement. Parents who come for a tour always comment on the large sizes of our classrooms and the fact that we have big windows with lots of sunlight coming through. The colorful crafts and art projects of our children decorating the walls make our rooms feel warm and engaging.

The Nest Academy Learning Preschool also believes that the time spent outside is just as important for children as the time spent acquiring new academic skills. When children play outside, they not only stay healthy, but also develop cognitive and social skills. Both the playgrounds of the preschool in Alexandria VA and of the preschool in Lorton VA are very secure and have all the necessary equipment.

The Nest Academy Learning Preschools of Alexandria VA and Lorton VA welcome all the new parents to join us for a tour and to discover everything for yourself. Just give us a call!


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