The Nest Academy Learning Preschools in Lorton VA and Alexandria VA

offer a variety of attractive, stimulating activities that promote physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual development. We emphasize child-initiated, child-directed and adult-supported play in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Nest Academy Preschool of Alexandria Va

Our preschools/day care centers provide an outstanding early childhood education program that includes:

  •  language development and language art,
  •  social studies,
  •  science, math and computer knowledge
  •  literature, music, art

If you have ever wondered what your child is learning while he or she plays, then we would like to share the following information with you. It is through quality and varied play activities that your child gathers valuable information and develops important skills that support later academic success. Here are some insights into the play your child engages in -at home or in a group setting– and guidelines for participation:



Children’s hands

The Nest Academy Learning Preschools in Lorton VA and Alexandria VA give a lot of importance to art projects. Unstructured art experiences help your child learn how the mind and hands can work together to create.

  • Painting, tearing or cutting paper
  • Scribbling with crayons
  • Rolling, pounding, or cutting play clay

Through art, your child gains control of eyes and hands muscles coordination, which is a must for pre-writing, and learns about shapes, textures, forms, colors– basically all pre-math and science skills.


Pretend Play

Children are cooking

Our preschools/daycare centers in Alexandria VA and Lorton VA stimulate children’s development through pretend play. As your child acts out imaginary experiences or real life scenarios, he or she is trying to make sense or feel in control of his or her world. During pretend play your child experiments with sharing and solving problems, listens and observes. Chances are your child will use some new words and begin to experiment with pretending as he or she “reads” a picture book to a doll or “writes” a shopping list.


Outdoor play 

Children are outside

The outdoor playgrounds of Nest Academy Learning Preschools in Alexandria VA and Lorton VA are safe and well-equipped. One of the most important activity in every early childhood education program is to promote development of motor skills. This is done by kicking and playing with a ball, climbing, jumping and running (when safe). When children have a chance to be physically active, they continually gain strength. As they become more adept, they become more adventurous and learn to take reasonable risks to test their strength. When children set their own challenges, they are less likely to have accidents. Without predetermined goals, they can pace themselves and discover what they can and cannot do.


We work on having every child attending our preschools/daycare centers in Alexandria VA and Lorton VA to learn from our staff members how to:

  •          Share work and play with others,
  •          Assume responsibility for one’s actions,
  •          Express feelings and ideas,
  •          Make choices on his or her own
  •          Accept mistakes while taking pride in achievement,
  •          Give in and make compromises,
  •          Complete tasks and projects
  •          Read and write before leaving our preschool for Elementary school, or before attending our Kindergarten classroom