The Nest Academy Learning Preschool Reviews by Parents

  • “Hi, I’m the mommy of Caleb. He is a little over two and a half years old. He has been attending The Nest Academy Learning Preschool since August of last year. We started at Lorton’s location, and we recently moved to Alexandria’s. For both locations I have to say: both directors and all of the teachers are very attentive. He comes home happy every day. He always sings the nursery rhymes you guys are teaching him. And he knows all his ABCs and the months of the year. Every day we are surprised when he comes home and says something. And we say: Where did he learn that? And he learned that from here. So we are very happy.”
  • “We are parents of a two and a half year old girl who goes to The Nest Academy Learning Preschool in Alexandria VA. She has been here for about two months. And we have really seen a lot of improvements in her language, singing and manners. And she is just so happy every time we pick her up. She is having a really good time here, at The Nest Academy Learning Preschool.”
  • “She is a little over a year. She came here when she was three months old. I felt like there is a connection between the director and her, and it is one of the main reasons why I came back. I felt like she has invested interest in my daughter, and that means a lot. And also my baby is always happy when I come to pick her up. She is waving “hi”. It is emotional, because there is a lot of anxiety that goes with leaving your child somewhere. The fact that you have to part with your child and leave him at a daycare. It can be really emotional – trusting someone else with your child. And they do a good job at the Nest Academy Learning Preschool. That is why we are here!”

The Nest Academy Learning Preschool Reviews by Teachers

– My name is Judy Carter. I’m the Senior Director here, at The Nest Academy Learning Preschool in Alexandria VA. We would like to extend a warm welcome to you. We would like you to become a part of the Nest Academy family. We would like you to come in, to see what we have to offer, to see what we are all about, to see our teachers, our program and to experience our friendly atmosphere.

– Hi, my name is Ms. Rina, and I work at the Nest Academy Learning Preschool with the three-year-old class. Here, in this school, we give importance to academics. We believe that no matter how young children are, they should be engaged in all things, that are very educational. So we do a lot of crafts, a lot of reading, we play a lot of music. Children enjoy all of this a lot.

– Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Parades. I’m working at the Nest Academy Learning Preschool in Lorton VA. I’m handling the kindergarten class. I’m proud to say that the children of my class at this time of the year can read and add simple numbers up to 10.

– Good morning, I’m Ms. Mariam, I’m a teacher at three’s class room. I would like to say that the curriculum we are using here, at the Nest Academy, is excellent. The kids are really learning a lot. In the three’s class room at this time of the year the kids are mimicking the sounds of the letters and learning number concept, as well as number recognition. We do a lot of things, like science projects. We want the children to learn critical thinking and to develop analytical minds, as they grow up.

– Hello, I’m Ms. Ashley. I’m a new teacher here, at the Nest Academy Preschool of Alexandria VA. I really enjoy to work with three- and four-year-olds. We do a lot of learning and art-crafts. I feel like education is very important. At this age they really absorb everything, like the knowledge we are trying to teach them. I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year. Thank you!

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