Tell Your Child: I Love You

Tell Your Child: I Love You

Tell your child:

  • I love you
  • I love you no matter what
  • I love you even when you are angry with me
  • I love you even when I am angry with you
  • I love you even when you are far away. My love always stays with you
  • If someone would tell me to choose any child in the world, I would choose you
  • I like you to the moon, stars and back
  • Thank you
  • I liked playing with you today
  • I love watching you doing something (draw, swim, run, etc.)
  • My favorite part of this day was when we were doing something together
  • You make my heart sing

Let your child know:

  • The story of how she was born or adopted
  • About the way you were cuddling with her when she was a baby
  • The story of how you chose her name
  • About yourself at her age
  • The story of how your and your spouse met
  • About your favorite color
  • That sometimes it is hard for you too
  • That when you hold her hand and press it 3 times, that means “I love you”

Listen to:

  • Your child while driving
  • What your child is saying about his toys, and how it is important for him
  • Your child one minute more, than your patience allows you
  • The feelings which are behind the words of your child

Ask your child:

  • Why do you think this happened?
  • What would be if…?
  • How should we find this out?
  • What are you grateful for today?

Show your child:

  • How to do something instead of forbidding it
  • How to fold clothes
  • That you love your spouse
  • How to crazy-dance
  • How to build a castle from pillows and blankets
  • That it is important to take care of yourself

Find the time to:

  • Watch constructions together with your child
  • Watch flying birds
  • Engage your child in a cooking process
  • Do something at a speed your child is comfortable with
  • Sit next to your child while he is playing
  • Listen to a street musician
  • Hug him

Make your child a little happier by:

  • Putting food on his plate in a smiling face shape
  • Accompanying your actions by funny sounds
  • Playing with him on the floor
  • Pretending to be a lion

Let go of:

  • Guilt
  • Your thoughts about how it could be
  • Your desire to be right

What can you give your child?

  • Look at your child with kind eyes
  • Smile when he enters the room
  • Make sure you and your child have connected before teaching him something
  • Give you child the opportunity to deal with his anger himself before helping him
  • Find other different ways to be kinder to your child
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Written by E. Makarenko, translated by Ksenia LL